Saranghae : I love you (Korean)

Mon Amour, today I walk with thee,Reminiscing our first cup of coffee,My heart flutters as our hands slightly brush,Your pink countenance displays a slight blush.Lavender curls highlight the beauty of  your face,Your fragrance incites me to take you into embrace.As I stare into the depth of your eyes,I become certain where my happiness lies.Away from […]

Oh those long vacations!

Lovely were the days when we had Summer vacations.Playing all day with cousins or visiting beautiful locations.Time was spent innovatively making weird creations.Involving interesting activities, not just screens for our recreations.The moments spent with loved ones strengthened our relations.Grandma’s night time tales shaped my life’s foundation.Today children utilize holidays to explore different vocations,Though it might […]

::Stuff I can’t depart from::

Before my soul leaves my cadaver,Few precious stuff I want to gather,  And take with me my dear treasure,To soothe the pain, to get pleasure. The enchanting laughter of my child,The silent noise of the dangerous wild,The inspiring words by my mother,The affection shared with my father,The echoing applause after my show.The varied emotions I […]

My favorite things

Prattle & laughter that echo the gathering,Heartfelt dancing and melody filled singing,Listening to grandma’s wonderful stories of kings,These are the few of my favorite things. Rom-coms & mysteries on television screen,Reading a book lying in the luscious green,Eating to heart’s content subs & chicken wings,These are the few of my favorite things. Dark or light […]

Random thoughts about ‘Love’

Love is a beautiful feeling when you fall in it,Until the moment you get drowned in it hopelessly. Raindrops on the windshield takes my heart to places I wish I could wipe off from my mind.Surely, one sided love is a feeling one can only sow but never harvest. ::Unrequited Love::One-sided Love.Accepting it gracefully.But, Is […]

::You are now my Past::

My handsome Shravan,As you sit next to me,Humming the sad song inYour beautiful voice,The lyrics though unsaid,Makes me wonder whetherTime could stop standstill,The moment extend indefinitely,Earth cease to rotate &We are not required to depart. But Destiny is whatBrought us togetherAnd it will be the reasonWe need to go away.To not meet again butTo keep […]